Jerry G. English Veteran's Memorial Plaza

The Veteran’s Memorial Plaza is located at Mike Miller County Park. 

A picturesque and moving memorial to Marshall County residents who have served or are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces or Coast Guard. 

The plaza is site for the annual Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day ceremonies and is open to visitor’s any time the park is open.


Memorial Bricks

Engraved bricks are available to purchase in honor of, or in memory of Marshall County Veterans. Bricks are placed at the plaza and their location is recorded for future reference. 

Bricks are engraved with the veteran’s name, military branch, and years of service.


  • Person to be named must be either
    • A veteran of a United States Armed Force or U.S. Coast Guard with an Honorable             Discharge
    • A veteran of a United States Armed Force or U.S. Coast Guard with a General Discharge under Honorable Conditions
    • A current or past Active Duty member of a United States Armed Force
  • Person must now be, or at any time in the past, have been a permanent resident of Marshall County


New bricks will be added in the order applications are received. Please allow 4-6 weeks for bricks to be engraved and installed. 

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